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We’re not just about providing performance lubricants for your machinery. We also offer unsurpassed industry expertise, programs and tools to support you and help you extract the most value out of our lubricants and your machinery.

Our Field Engineering Services (FES) team has a long-standing reputation for technical expertise that can be leveraged to help enhance the reliability and productivity of your operation.

PT Mitra Asmoco Utama provides technical assistance to solve a lubrication issue or to enhance the productivity of your machinery. With 23 years in lubrication, and supported by our extensive library of reference databases and in-house experts, our Field Engineering Services are well equipped to assist you in areas such as:

  • Advice on sound lubrication practices - Proper lubrication selection, applications and performance claims for
  • ENEOS -branded industrial lubrication products - Recommendation of proper lubricant based on equipment use and/or
  • OEM requirements - Assistance with product safety, health, and environmental inquiries - Assistance with Oil Analysis program